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The Montauk Lighthouse Ocean’s Institute opened its doors to the public in August, 2015. Private donors enabled a renovation of the historic windows and the doors in the former Fog Signal Building that was erected in 1897. The institute is the result of the vision and passion of local residents Bettina Stelle and Greg Donohue, who are Montauk Lighthouse Committee members, and local reporter and author, Rusty Drumm.

The institute is a non-political platform whose mission is to identify and explain the current ecological challenges to our oceans, waterways, beaches and marine habitats; to focus on highlights of Long Island’s rich maritime history; and to present and inspire local initiatives to solve regional and global environmental problems.

This summer the Oceans Institute will feature a historic display that chronicles the career and impact of shark fisherman, Frank Mundus, and a short film on the evolution of shark fishing in Montauk by award-winning director, Tom Garber. The film includes interviews with local businessman and avid fisherman, Joe Gaviola; legendary mariner, Pat Mundus; and the painter and activist, April Gornik.

A very popular attraction for all visitors is a shark tracking program on our laptop that shows the positions of tagged sharks off the Atlantic Coast.

Professors from Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Science will be on site once a week to lecture on a variety of marine science issues.  The presentations will begin on Thursday, July 11  at 2 PM and will continue every Thursday at 2 PM through August. 

Local Montauk resident, Gaelin Rosenwaks, a member of the Royal Geographic Society and Explorers’ Club, film maker, and marine science educator will also make several presentations-some geared for children-and some for adults.  Check our website for the dates.